We believe that true eco-properties are only 'eco' if they run off solar power and use minimal energy and/or contribute to the environment

Lumera Chalets is a true Carbon Neutral accommodation business.

We run 100% on solar and wind power.

We compost & recycle waste rubbish.

We do not use electrical clothes dryers, all our laundry is done onsite using our energy and water efficient front loader washing machine.

Our fridges are 12 volt low compression electric fridges, very carbon neutral.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We only use recycled paper products.

We have water restrictors on all water usage.

We collect our own rain water and we do not use chemicals to treat our water.

The property is listed as a Land for Wildlife, the land is protected by a Conservation Covenant and has the highest conservation listing as a Private Nature Reserve.

A Private Nature Reserve can only be granted to properties who have particular natural values and is passed by both houses of parliament.

The land cannot be mined or logged perpetually.

We are continually planting new indigenous trees and shrubs on the property.

We harvest a very small amount of timber to run the slow combustion stove which provides hot water, heating and for cooking.

Buildings have been built using renewable resources and have been built facing north to capture the natural sunlight to power the solar system and use less energy.

Come and stay at Lumera Chalets and understand the way of living carbon neutral, you will also be offsetting your carbon usage during your stay in Tasmania.

Lumera Chalets has been proclaimed by the Tasmanian State Government, as a Private Nature Reserve.
The most sensational coastal panorama in all of Tasmania.
These are the views from your self contained eco chalet.

A very exclusive and unique accommodation experience.
A Rainbow Retreat at
Lumera Eco Chalets