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Rainbow Retreat has been proclaimed by the Tasmanian State Government, as a Private Nature Reserve.
Each Cabin Only Accommodate Two People.
The most sensational coastal panorama
in all of Tasmania.
Rainbow Retreat is an oasis snuggled below a large knobbly outcrop mountain known affectionately as St Patricks Head, over looking the east coast of Tasmania, it provides travellers with an ancient sense of protection and safety as well as the most sensational coastal panorama in all of Tasmania.

This retreat is a spectacular destination and it is more than just a base for exploring the jewels of Tasmania.

Solar-powered, carbon-neutral retreat set in a high biodiversity forest that is protected forever by a conservation covenant.If you are expecting a resort you will be disappointed, we are a Private Nature Reserve, we cater to nature-based travellers who appreciate the beauty of staying in a true nature reserve with panoramic ocean views.

The three open-plan cabins enclose guests in timber-lined, wood-heated comfort, boasting the most sensational ocean views from private balconies.

As dusk draws in and the forest comes to life around you, settle in with a speciality dish from our inhouse menu click here and a bottle from the selection of ecologically sustainable wines.

Not many tourists come this way, so add this one to your list if you’re an aficianado of the wilderness and want to get away from the increasing numbers of people travelling these days
This is why you really need to spend more than one night at Rainbow Retreat click here

Order your evening meal, charge your phone or laptop, ask about tours restaurants or entertainment, check in and check out at Rainbow Retreat Eco Lodge Reception click here.