Lumera eco chalets overlook the Bay of Fires and is central to Douglas Apsley National Park and Freycinet National Park.
Lumera Chalets is an oasis snuggled below a large knobbly outcrop mountain known affectionately as St Patricks Head (Lumera Genena Wuggelena) over looking the east coast of Tasmania, it provides travellers with an ancient sense of protection and safety as well as the most sensational coastal panorama in all of Tasmania.

The history of our unique piece of Tasmania can be traced back some 30,000 years to a time when it was an important hunting ground for the Tasmanian Aborigines.

It was home to the Ben Lomond Tribe (Plangermaireener) and frequently visited by bands from the Oyster Bay Tribe (Paredarerme), who travelled up from their East Coast territory via a route past St Patricks Head.

Named by Tobias Furneaux on St Patricks Day, 1773 St Patrick’s Head was known to the Aborigines as Lumera Genena Wuggelina, which means ‘a great molar tooth’.

The peaked mountain at the eastern end of the Fingal Valley was an essential land mark for Aboriginal people as well as holding significant spiritual values.

Our solar-powered Chalets are set in a high biodiversity forest that is protected forever by a conservation covenant.

The open-plan Chalets enclose guests in timber-lined, wood-heated comfort, boasting the most sensational ocean views from your private balcony.

As dusk draws in and the forest comes to life around you, settle in with a dish from our inhouse menu click here

Not many tourists come this way, so add this one to your list if you’re an aficianado of the wilderness and want to get away from the increasing numbers of people travelling these days

Order your evening meal, charge your phone or laptop, ask about tours restaurants or entertainment, check in and check out at Lumera Eco Lodge Reception.

Lumera Chalets has been proclaimed by the Tasmanian State Government, as a Private Nature Reserve.
The most sensational coastal panorama in all of Tasmania exclusive and unique accommodation.
Two night minimum stay adult retreat no children please.

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